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Confidence and optimism


Is the glass half full or half empty ? A way to see things that’s not without impact on the relationship each of us built on – the environment, the individual, the organization – and how it projects.

The image, representation or fantasy of a subject can renew an endless quest, which feeds a perpetual dissatisfaction: an unrealistic goal never achieved. An expectation of “more and more” that ends on “never enough” : the ideal rather than the possible.

Project expectations on an influence perimeter too huge, too far from the possible field of action can also engage the individual on the way to dissatisfaction. For example : “the society is not what I expected” But do I act individually in the collective sense ? Or did I just complain about my situation ?

Do it then just settle for what it is ? Don’t push the boundaries? Don’t exceed, excel ?

Of course not. To exceed a limit, it is necessary to fix one, and find the thresholds that are reached, even and especially intermediaries. See to progress, and feed some satisfaction ? The path crossed or the reality of the subject, for example.

Position oneself in a process of reality, establish a relationship that is expressed, developed, built, product, characterized. Appreciate what exists, rather than regret what is not, what it should have been, if…

It’s also interest and evaluate the contributions of a candidate, rather than return him his shortcomings of limitations. Take control, or build an exchange, a relationship of trust.


For example :

“This is not exactly the gift that I wanted

No, but it is one you have” which later became…

This is not the candidate I wanted

No, but it is one that exists”, which is in line with the need and has the objective qualities to succeed in the job, or…

This is not the ideal manager

No, but it is one with which you work, and also develops some qualities” or finally…

The world is losing values

A visible part maybe, put many actions and individual or collective initiatives, more discreet, worth it.

So, the contact with reality, curiosity, listening, observing participate in developing the relationship rather than representation. It feeds the observation of what is possible, what is actually happening, which advance : a reality that can be positive.

Realism, even if it also reveals the lack, the fault, the imbalance, at least give a chance to feed good practices of positive values and meaning of the act.

It allows us to build on what is known to deal in confidence for what it’s not. Confront reality, is to develop awareness of the act. Waiting for the “everything’s perfect” take away from the opportunity to see a part, even imperfect, of a positive movement.

What matters is not so much the size of the steps, but the direction they take.

Being attentive to the signs, words, positive actions, good practices, balances at least the disappointment of bad practice, or idealization, and can give confidence that exists. Regarding ethics, morals, values, sense… there are very high expectations of achievement and over large perimeters – the system, society, world, the institution rather than the individual.

It’s important though not to confuse the collective purpose of the organization with the values it’s supposed to wear. You can find the meaning you want in a company by the quality of the relationships and managerial values. You may also be disappointed in a association environment for its lack of quality. The reverse is, of course, also possible.

See the reality of a good practice, of a commitment, feed the confidence in the individual and collective capacity to produce meaning, value, result and efficiency.

A way forward with optimism, with realism, on the path of progress and to supply the energy and confidence to participate in building a part of the solution, rather than wait for the salvation of a perfect and hypothetical solution.

Regardless of the level of glass, every drop that is added, participates in increasing the content ?

Stéphane Lhermie

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